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Protone International

Måttgränd 2
931 91 Skellefteå
Bankgiro 5679-0090
Border Music
Gamlestadsvägen 1,
415 02 Göteborg,
Tel: +46 (0)31 19 08 00
E-mail: border@border.se



We love receiving your demos and listen to them once a week so please forward all demos ?The music should be on CD format. Now you can send MP3s and suchlike. The music should be tuneful, handsome and whacked-out. Otherwise we don’t give a monkey’s cuss what it sounds like or what ‘demographic’ it fits. fierce ?Demo must be audible and comes with the following information:
a) full track listing
b) basic biography (band line-up, place of origin)
c) telephone number
d) street address
e) email address
We listens to absolutely all noises sent: we play every song all the way through, so rest assured that we won’t be throwing your material out of the window or in the bin after the first few seconds!
Each demo is listened to first by the boss Stavros, who then if not beaten to death by crap passes it on to the other A & R guys whom takes it from the possible to probable.
Remember that making a demo is merely the first step on a very long ladder. Usually the demo is part of a lengthy process involving gigs, conversations, general philosophies on life and such like.
Don’t chase us on the phone: you’ll get annoyed when we haven’t got around to playing your music (even tough we promised they would) and we’ll get annoyed answering the phone all the time when we could be listening to demos.
If you have sent all the requisite details to us and we like your demo you will most certainly hear from us.
Unfortunately it is not possible to get in touch with every band. But please do bear in mind that if a cd has been sent, it will have been heard so keep us informed of all forthcoming events. Again, you might have to play five times before we manage to see you but see you we eventually will weather you know it or not.
We shall leave you with a list of things you must not do, and we look forward to the noises !!!
PLEASE DO NOT Send more than three songs. Other wise tough luck. We don’t know you. You certainly don’t know us. Make it two songs only and we’ll love you forever.
PLEASE DO NOT Make your first track seven minutes long. (Unless your a progressive band)
It gets boring. If you must be self-indulgent, do it on the last track.
PLEASE DO NOT Send us a demo and hassle us if you haven’t got any gigs on the horizon.
DON’T ! Just send the demo and think that it. That’s just the start if your serious about a life it the music business.

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